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ECCO was founded in 1963 when Birthe and Karl Toosbuy bought all their possessions and moved to the agricultural village of Bredebro in Denmark. Doctors have been placing their heads to a affected person's chest to hear the human coronary heart beating away inside for hundreds of years. However when physicians in Paris and Edinburgh invented the stethoscope on the end of the eighteenth century, a vastly expanded spectrum of fleshy hisses and rattles was revealed for the first time, our inside cavities laid naked in all their complexity. Medical doctors wanted to shortly retune their ears so they might begin deciphering this new soundscape: a pleasant resonance that announced clear passages, a thick dullness that warned of dangerous congestion, or a subtle alphabet of buzzing, crackling, and gurgling inbetween. The human body was beginning to speak for itself. A sign that medical science was unveiling new and startling dimensions to the pure world.

ECCO was based in 1963 when Birthe and Karl Toosbuy sold all their possessions and moved to the rural village of Bredebro in Denmark. Notice that ECCO was capable of establish the "lengthy s" in "cease" from the outcomes above. The software does, nevertheless, make some errors reading the previous typography from eighteenth-century works, and as noted in the field above, stop phrases in phrases cannot be searched.

Najgorsze jest zmęczenie psychiczne. Nie widać żadnego progresu w pracy, bo przecież wykonuje się jedną, banalną, malutką czynność. Czasem można z kimś rozmawiać, ale co ambitniejszy przełożony, to powie że praca, to nie miejsce na rozmowy ( czym mówi regulamin), w inne dni pozostaje osiem godzin robienia jednej rzeczy, co tak bardzo odmóżdża, że nie wiadomo co ze sobą zrobić. wiele przyjemniej dorabiało się na budowie czy w innych miejscach, gdzie liczyła się praca cięższa fizycznie, ale człowiek nie czuł się jak robak i miał poczucie, że faktycznie robi coś konkretnego i widzi tego efekty.

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Dr Coles and colleagues from 30 radiotherapy centres throughout the UK, led by researchers at The Institute of Most cancers Research, London, recruited 2018 sufferers aged over 50 who had had breast conservation surgical procedure for invasive early breast most cancers tumours measuring lower than 3cm at their largest level. They have been randomised into three teams: 675 had whole breast radiotherapy at the usual dose of forty Gy to the whole breast (the management group), 674 had 40 Gy to the tumour mattress and 36 Gy to the rest of the breast, and 669 had forty Gy to the tumour bed solely; the latter two "take a look at" groups being two methods of focusing radiotherapy to the tumour bed and giving decrease or no dose to the rest of the breast.